Aluminium Windows

A modern and functional glazing system.

The Allstyle 7042 Aluminium Window System is made to the standard insulation and weathering of a timber window or an aluminium window within a timber sub-frame.

Affordable’s Allstyle 7042 integrated insulation between the brickwork and frame eliminates large cold air pockets found in most aluminium window systems.

Allstyle aluminium windows and bi-fold doors have the option of concealed trickle ventilation with an integrated head – no visible external night vent canopy hoods spoiling the look of slim aluminium windows and bi-fold doors.

Affordable Jersey Windows have an integrated head vent that provides external night ventilation without the need for exposed and ugly canopy hoods. The head vent also improves the weathering of the products as well as improving the appearance of the installation.

Concealed Vent Frame


  • The Allstyle 7042 is better looking with the sash set within the outer frame, no large gaps between sash and brickwork. Available with optional concealed night ventilation. No ugly external canopy hoods.
  • The Allstyle 7042 has better integrated insulation between brickwork and outer frame, which eliminates large cold air pockets.
  • The Allstyle 7042 has a large sealing area between aluminium frame and brickwork.


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